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At Ran Plumbing, your satisfaction is our main priority. Since our business started, quality has been our focus. By working with the best materials in the industry and employing the most experienced and meticulous contractors, we are able to deliver solid and long-lasting solutions for everyone.


Services we provide


Liquidity detection

Did you get an inflated water bill? Suffering from moisture stains and mold in the apartment or office? Call Ran Plumbing for an affordable and professional solution.


Installation of sanitary ware

Want to upgrade your bathroom? Want to install a removable faucet in the kitchen sink or bathroom? Ran Plumbing offers the installation of sanitary ware including decorative faucets, designer showers, sinks, showerheads, toilets, bathtubs, and more.


Repair and replacement of piping

Suffering from a pipe explosion? It is probably time to replace the old, worn-out pipe. We only use high-quality, standard plumbing, and at a competitive price. Repair and replacement of pipes without breaking floors and unnecessary destruction.

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Pump repair and installation

Repair and installation of water pumps, including sewage submersible pumps. Did the pump stop working? Doesn't water flow well in your home or business? Call for a pump test.

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Increased water pressure

Living in a high-floor apartment and having a shower with a trickle of water? Don't have tap water to wash dishes? Call us today to increase the water pressure.

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Opening fillings

If you cannot flush the toilet, take a shower without suffering due to clogging or washing dishes in the sink, call for professional tips and advice on opening fillings or make an appointment for thorough and professional treatment of the problematic clogging.


The plumber arrived on the same day with all the work being completed on the same day I made the call. The plumber was friendly and helpful and left the bathroom clean and tidy.

Avraham Itziko


Why you should always choose Ran Plumbing

  • Quick reply to any problem.

  • Available anywhere in the Center of Israel. (Tel Aviv, Holon, Ramat gan, Petach Tiqwa, Ramle and more) 

  • 24/6 plumbing services including 

  • Over 10 years of experience in the plumbing world.

  • Unmatched professional service.

  • Reliability and integrity.

  • Attractive prices for all customers.

Ran Plumbing began his professional journey in the plumbing world over 10 years ago, possessing in-depth and comprehensive professional knowledge, advanced equipment to solve complex problems, and innovative practices to avoid turning your home or office into a construction site. His advanced practices save you time, nerves, mental stress, and money. All the equipment and parts we use are carefully selected and all have a high standard, to ensure you a perfect solution to any problem and will last you for a long time, at the most affordable price.

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About us

Since our founding by Ran Shlomo in 2010,  Shlomo Plumbing has operated with strong values aimed at understanding and serving client needs. To us, every client means a new relationship. We deliver excellent results for a low cost.

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